Die DAGStat bündelt die verschiedenen Ausrichtungen der Disziplin Statistik und vertritt die Interessen der Statistik in Wissenschaft, Gesellschaft und Politik.

Even coincidence is not unfathomable,

it has its regularities, too.

Novalis, alias Friedrich Baron of Hardenberg


In recent years, the significance of statistics and statistical methods has been gaining importance to such an extent that nowadays, one is faced with statistics in any form on an almost daily basis. This is a good enough reason to wonder what statistics actually is.



15/04/2024 - DAGStat Statement concerning the German `Forschungsdatengesetz'  -> read more.

08/03/2024 - Professor Dr. Katja Ickstadt was awarded the Susanne Dahms Medal at the 70th Biometric Colloquium, which took place at the University of Lübeck from 28 February to 1 March 2024. More information can be found here.

20/02/2024 - The new DAGStat-Bulletin - February 2024 - has been published: DAGStat-Bulletins

22/06/2023 - The DAGStat supports the statement of the VdSt on the draft bill of the Federal Government on the Heat Planning and Decarbonisation of Heat Networks Act -> read more at VdSt