Statistics is seen a key area in society and science by the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Statistik (DAGStat). Statisticians are of importance whenever data is collected or experiments are in the planning or conducting phase. The broad spectre of application as well as statistical sciences' versatility call for cooperation and a productive academic exchange.
This is one of the DADStat's tasks and purposes.

At the same time, the DAGStat represents statisticians and applied scientists working in the field of statisticsin society and politics.

The DAGStat bundles the different directions of the statistical discipline, preventing developments from fraying out and expertises from being used insufficiently.

The DAGStat was founded in 2005. Its declared purpose is to connect scientists who are working with statistical methods and to offer them an open and productive platform. Last but not least, the DAGStat strives to increase public awareness about statistics because sensible handling of data and data analysis belongs, according to the DAGStat to the fundamental cultural skills of a citizen in today's information society, comparable with reading, writing and arithmetics.

Articles of Association

Articles of Association can be viewed here. (available only in German)